In 1988 Martin Slapsak returned to his native village Telce to settle with his wife Tanya. He decided to continue the winemaking tradition of his father and his grandfather before him.

Convinced that he could express the richness of its soil just as his ancestors did, Martin increased the surface area up to 2ha of vineyard and spent all his free time establishing the Domaine: a vineyard and winery that he built with his own two hands.

By dint of their hard work and mutual passion Martin and Tanja advanced their knowledge of vine growing and winemaking. Together they won several wine contests in Slovenia which enhanced their motivation and desire to share their passion.

As their three children grew-up, they became increasingly involved in viticulture and winemaking. Today they make a significant contribution to all activities of the Domaine. Urška focuses on marketing and the promotion of the wines; Andrej and Matej are extensively involved in the vineyard and cellar work.

The winery experienced a true turning point a few years ago when the family welcomed Francois, a French winemaker and who graduated from Reims University in Champagne. François brought with him a new style and flair opening new horizons: this is the creation of the Domaine Slapsak.

Domaine Slapsak continues its family adventure; our exceptional team is creating wines that express the very essence of this unique wine region. Elegant wines, fresh, with subtle flavors.


Martin is plumber by profession but above all he is a lover of his land and its traditions. Martin is the cornerstone of this family adventure. He created the vineyard and built the winery. Martin
Tanja Head of the vineyard that she has worked and shaped by hand for almost 25 years. Tanja is also the hostess of the Domaine. If you have the chance to eat at her table, you will discover that absolutely every ingredient in her cuisine is produced at home.
Sales and marketing manager. It is from both family tradition and sharing her life with Francois that Urska has developed her passion for the wine making. After gaining experience in sales and marketing in California with U.S. wineries, she decided to take advantage of her skills for the clients of Domaine Slapsak. Urška
Andrej Matej


Respectively student engineer in telecommunications and electronics, and just like their father Martin can do anything, fix everything and build everything. They oversee the functioning of all equipment for the vineyard and the cellar. Andrej and Matej are also heavily invested in all the work that goes into the domaine: from the construction of the cellar to the programming of the press through to the creation of the website, their skills are a real treasure and assert to Domaine Slapsak.


Our winemaker. Trained in Champagne, he worked for prestigious brand names such as Champagne Louis Roederer. Later, Francois worked as consultant winemaker in Champagne and in Alsace. Since 2006 François has been consulting around the globe in the most famous wine countries. Now based in Slovenia, he dedicates his expertise and his international experience to the wines of our Domaine. François

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