Art de Vivre
Slovenia has become a hot new destination for seekers of culinary discoveries. Slovenian chefs have become the new stars of the global gastronomy scene. The most renowned guides – such as Michelin or Gault & Millau – have now discovered Slovenian art de vivre as well.

We visited some of the most exciting Slovenian chefs, with a challenge: find the perfect pairing between one of their dishes and one of our wines.
Discussion with Sabina & Grega REPOVŽ
The contemporary culinary experiences that await behind the rustic walls of Gostilna Repovž are inspired by 300 years of tradition. We visited Gregor Repovž and his wife Sabina, worthy representatives of the latest generation of this very special family. Discover the culinary complement to our Brut Rose sparkling wine that they concocted. Unsurprisingly, it is traditional and entirely original at the same time.
How would you define your cooking style?
»We get the inspiration for our cuisine from the traditional recipes that have been handed down in our family for generations. The ingredients come from our farm. The essence of our philosophy is our desire to create culinary stories that evoke childhood memories for our guests.«
What does Penina Slapšak represent for you?
»It suggests something sophisticated, elegant; something that is polished down to the smallest details… Something really good!«
Could you share with us a memorable moment of tasting Penina Slapšak?
»I particularly remember my very first glass of Penina Slapšak. It was during a culinary event in Novo mesto. To my suprise, there was a producer there from my own region whom I did not yet know! On top of it, Andrej had a very unique way of presenting it - very calm, a bit enigmatic… My interest was piqued immediately. I tried this Penina with enthusiasm, and my first reaction was - wow! A great sparkling from Dolenjska. It is certainly a moment that stayed with me, and a nice discovery.«
Your sources of inspiration?
»Old traditional recipes from our farm.«
What is one of the biggest lessons you have learned in the kitchen?
»Above all, that you can never be sure that you know everything; that you reached the finish line. When you think you’ve mastered something, you're still a long way away. I learn this over and over again, every day.«
Tell us about the food pairing you chose for Penina Slapšak.
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