Penina Brut Rosé


The elegance and vibrancy of our land

Brut rosé is the result of a strict and subtle selection of juice, only using one local grape variety, žametna črnina. Let this fruity and vibrant wine surprise you as it surprised our winemaker when he first elaborated it. Full description…

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Brut non-vintage
Žametna črnina (blanc de noir) 100 %
Minimum 20% reserve wine
Natural settling for clarification
No filtration and no discoloration
Malolactic fermentation
Very low sulfur content
Aging on lees
Minimum 15 months
7 g/l

Brut Rosé has been one of the best winemaking experiences for our French winemaker. The local grape variety “Žametna črnina” (“velvety black”) was a complete unknown to him before arriving in Slovenia. But after examining it, he quickly saw its sparkling potential. Still, when he started the elaboration of a sparkling rosé from this variety in 2012, he did not expect the result to be so intensely fruity and elegant at once. The minimum 15 months aging on lees in the bottle confirmed the winemaker’s firsts impressions and gave this wine its full personality and creaminess in the mouth.

Tasting notes
With its delicate pink color with violet hues, Brut Rosé is distinguished by its intense aromas of fresh red fruit reminiscent of the pomegranate. On the palate, it is remarkably elegant and extremely fresh with a characteristic touch of gooseberries. Thanks to its light dosage, the finish is delicate and “gourmand”.

Serving suggestions
Brut Rosé is ideal for an aperitif, but it is also the perfect company for a “dance all night” party. At the table, Brut Rosé would go nicely with a strawberry salad or salmon “en papillotte”. Brut Rosé is also sublime with fresh desserts with a touch acidity, such as the traditional Slovenian “snežene kepe” (snowballs), as interpreted by the chefs at Gostilna Repovž (Michelin’s Bib gourmand, Šentjanž, Slovenia) or a raspberry pie.

Penina Brut rosé is best when served at 10˚C.