Penina Blanc de Blancs


This sparkling wine is the perfect expression of a single varietal, Chardonnay, from a single Slovenian terroir. Full description

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Brut non-vintage (up to two vintages in the blend)
Chardonnay 100 %
First press only (“heart of cuvée”)
Partially barrel fermented
Natural settling for clarification
No filtration
Malolactic fermentation
Very low sulphur content
Time of aging on lees
Minimum 40 months
3 g/l

Our “Blanc de Blancs” is a nod to the origins of our winemaker. In his native Champagne, this denomination is used for wines that are elaborated exclusively from chardonnay.

This noble variety is also a sponge of the terroir, and our cuvée is the perfect example of this. All grapes come exclusively from our Pesce lot, where our chardonnays grow on flysch. This sedimentary rock (it consists of alternating sandstone and calcium-rich marl) is very crumbly and therefore suitable for Chardonnay’s deep roots exploration. This gives our Chardonnay a unique force and style, which expresses itself gradually during the 40 months it spends on lees in our cellar.

Tasting notes

Hawthorn, citrus, and ripe pineapple dominate the first nose. As the wine warms up in the glass, this chardonnay subtly develops its fullness and complexity. In the mouth, the wine opens on Viennese pastries and slightly toasted milk toffee and finishes on jelly quince. The finish is rich, vinous, and precise.

Serving suggestions

Serve it as an aperitif, accompanied by trout caviar blinis. With meals, this Blanc de Blancs can elevate tagliatelle with clams or carpaccio of scallops with just a drizzle of fresh Istrian olive oil. It also responds perfectly to a casual platter of seasoned dry Karst pršut (prosciutto) with parmesan shavings.

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