Domaine SlapšakDomaine Slapsak is a family estate located in Telce, a small village in the heart of Dolenjska hills halfway between Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia) and Zagreb (capital of Croatia).

The vines are planted on a hillside at 500m above sea level on soil consisting predominantly of schist and limestone. It is this exceptional soil that results in the production of wines with both pure and crystalline characteristics.

Nowadays, our soil and its minerality allow us to produce exceptional Sparkling wines flag ship of our production.

When the vintage is exceptional we make a batch of red wine in barrels from Modra Frankinja (known as Blaufränkisch in Austria).

Domaine Slapsak is a “homemade” project where every member of the family brings their time and expertise. Above all, it is an adventure in which our family gathers around a common passion; a passion that we want to share with you.

Our spectacular location (or as the French would say “terroir”), our expertise and our love of extraordinary wine are at your fingertips ... Come visit us and taste our wines.

Welcome home,
Martin Slapsak

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