Penina Brut Nature ŽČ


A true Brut nature

This contemporary expression of a local grape is a sharp, with a zest of freshness, and completely without artifice. Full description…

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Brut non-vintage (up to two vintages in the blend)
Žametna črnina 100 % blanc de noirs
100% blanc de noirs
Only first press “heart of cuvée”
Natural settling for clarification
No filtration and no discoloration
Partial malolactic fermentation
Very low sulfur content
Aging on lees
Minimum 60 months
0 g/l

Žametna črnina is famous for being the variety of the oldest vine in the world still producing fruit. You can see it in Maribor where they planted it over 400 years ago. In terms of winemaking, it doesn’t have quite the reputation it deserves. This endemic Slovenian grape varietal is widely planted in our region of Dolenjska. Our French winemaker discovered its potential for sparkling wine and realized it in our Penina Brut Nature ŽČ.

To do this, he opted for a strict selection of grapes from our best vineyard plots and a precise selection of the best juices – the “heart of cuvée” that we vinify in 100% stainless steel, followed by 5 years of aging on lees in the bottle. No artifice and therefore no dosage after disgorgement for un uncontrived experience of the uniqueness of our most gastronomic cuvée.

Tasting notes

The color of Brut Nature ŽČ is straw gold with amber reflections – the signature of this “blanc de noirs”. The nose opens with delicate and tangy aromas, there is a nice touch of citrus with notes of mandarins, pomelo, and quince jelly. The mouth is vinous, very straight, almost mineral. The finish is very long and harmonious, dominated by a zest of freshness so characteristic of our terroir.

Serving suggestions

The sharpness of this cuvée marries perfectly with the iodine in seafood such as sea urchins and oysters, with which the wine interacts as a condiment. Thanks to its body, it is also a perfect accompaniment for sashimi or even soft goat cheese.

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